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QuickBooks Setup and Hosting

We offer a variety of services to help do-it-yourself business owners manage their day-to-day operations using accounting software packages like QuickBooks. With many years of experience, we can help get you started with QuickBooks to empower you to manage your bookkeeping and control cash flow, while enabling you to work with us as your CPA in an advisory capacity.

Accounting software programs like QuickBooks are ideally suited for small business owners. These programs have simplified the bookkeeping process for you. However, no accounting package can be operated properly without sufficient understanding of its features and functionality. It is a must for proper business management to complete the set up and installation properly. That's why we work with many of our clients to setup their QuickBooks, train them, assist them and provide immediate answers for trouble shooting. Your time is valuable and accounting software may not be your specialty.


We will ensure that your QuickBooks file is tailored to your industry and more importantly, your very own business needs. Because every business is unique, there is no one-size-fits-all setup and even the Standard QuickBooks setup will not provide you with the best bookkeeping foundation. You'll save time and money in the long run if you start with the right QuickBooks setup.


Our clients depend on us to provide timely and accurate responses to their QuickBooks and bookkeeping questions or needs. Our clients know the value in having right numbers, and they look to us to help them keep their books clean and accurate.

We have embraced "cloud" technology and are happy to introduce our newest technological advancement. We are hosting QuickBooks Enterprise on our server to provide our clients with the best possible hands-on service. With your company's QuickBooks file on our hosted server, the need for sending and restoring backup files is completely eliminated and we have 24/7 access to your books. Sending and restoring backups can be a cumbersome process, especially if you have the need to send us your data regularly. Plus, if you ever have a quick question about how to record a transaction or if you want us to take a look at how you've recorded a transaction, we can answer your questions in a matter of minutes. We update our version of QuickBooks Enterprise each year to make sure we are offering the latest and greatest that QuickBooks Enterprise has to offer.

How It Works

To have your QuickBooks file hosted on our server all that is required is a one-time set up of a remote desktop application and a one-time log in with very user-specific credentials. An icon is placed on your desktop and when opened, directs you to our server while all you see is QuickBooks starting up. We keep your file in multi-user mode and we have our own unique login so that if we need to access your file while you are working in it, neither of us gets interrupted while the other is logged in. It is the perfect solution for those clients that share bookkeeping duties with us. For example, a client might take care of the cash receipts and disbursements and rely on us to process payroll, initiate payroll tax deposits, perform monthly bank reconciliations and more.

To summarize, the benefits of using our hosted solution are:

  • Automatic update to current version of QuickBooks Enterprise
  • Includes the payroll key
  • No more exchanging backups
  • If you have transactions you are unsure of, we can get those posted correctly
  • Annual tax return entries will be posted as we do the return
  • Peace of mind knowing that your file is being backed up daily
  • Confidence that your data is as secure as it can be
  • If you use a laptop you will have access to your QuickBooks any where you have internet access


There are a few operational issues involved with using the hosted QuickBooks, these include:

  • You must be operating on a Windows platform
  • No downloading of bank statements or credit card statements are allowed for security reasons
  • Your internet speed will determine how fast the system operates


Security Issues

Your file will be stored on our secure server, which is backed up in real time on and off location. Furthermore, we hired an outside consultant to attempt to "hack in" to our server and they were unsuccessful. Your data is secure and backed up regularly, so the risk of loss of data due to theft or a hard drive crash is greatly reduced.

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