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Pricing and Payment Arrangements

Are you afraid of calling your CPA because the perpetual "clock" is always ticking? We have found a very exciting solution to eliminate that clock and increase communication so we can become your advisor, rather than your clean-up specialists.

The best way for us to be effective in helping you manage your business and your tax strategies is to be involved constantly throughout the year, rather than once each year when you pick up your tax return. To achieve positive results, it's crucial to be in constant communication with each other.

We are excited to introduce Fixed Fee Agreements; no two agreements will be alike, but what will be common among all of them is unlimited access to us in the form of phone calls, emails, meetings, etc. Clients best suited for a Fixed Fee Agreement are those who have a business, or businesses with many shareholders/members. The Fixed Fee Agreement might include the business tax return(s), the individual tax return(s), payroll processing and reporting, monthly reconciliation of your bank statements and assessment of QuickBooks, tax planning for each entity and each individual and more. The fee is a flat monthly, semi-monthly or quarterly charge, with no hidden fees, charges for phone calls or surprises on your bill. Our involvement in your bookkeeping can be as much or as little as you need, from actually performing the day-to-day input to assessing your QuickBooks quarterly to look for mistakes, set-up errors or suggestions.

Our hope with these Agreements is to become more involved with your business and personal tax situations so we can be more effective in planning and strategizing, both short and long term.