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Who We Are

The Team


Our firm has a unique group of professionals with real world business backgrounds: Book sense, real world experience, and logic make our experts powerful tools for our clients.


Team members are chosen and employed at Swiftcurrent because of their passion to help businesses grow stronger. Firm leaders see potential of team members and encourage them to achieve their best. Swiftcurrent provides a culture of learning that continually improves the skill sets of each individual, allowing the firm to provide valuable personalized services to each client.

Services We Offer


Although clients typically come to us for tax preparation & accounting services, they soon realize that we are helping them plan year-round to minimize taxes and improve financial stability. Businesses also look to our team to provide Entrepreneurial Advisory Services at every stage of growth.  These include part time CFO/Controller services, financial statement preparation, financial analysis, operations analysis, consulting, tax planning, and goal setting for our clients. By combining each of these areas, we can help clients create their vision and tie that vision for the business to their operational and financial goals.


We begin with careful planning and stay close to our clients through development, implementation and success!

Our Clients


Our Clients are as unique as our team. Our Clients are passionate about their business, and are building a legacy. They are businessmen and women of integrity, who settle for nothing less than doing or giving their best and expect the same from us. Our Clients embrace the journey of going "from good to great" and openly discuss their goals and desires with us knowing that we will be a valuable advisor along the way.


Our Clients have learned that results should be indicators of where you are going, not what you have done.

The Swiftcurrent Difference


Once potential clients find us, their first experience sets the tone for a lifetime of service. Clients look back on the first year with our firm and can't imagine how they functioned previously without us as their trusted advisor.


Our clients see less stress in the morning mirror and find comfort daily knowing that Swiftcurrent is continually looking after their best interests. Our clients can focus on doing what they do best.

The level of trust between our team and our clients is extraordinary. We know both our clients' business and personal needs so intimately that our clients call us at first signs of opportunity or trouble.

Everything is tied together for success and peace of mind.