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CFO / Controller Services

Small Business CFO/Controller Services

The team at Swiftcurrent recognizes that small business owners need help managing their business.  We have boiled this down to three simple concepts; Produce, Understand, Act.  The business needs to produce timely and accurate numbers that measure results of decisions made, management needs to understand those numbers, and then management needs to act to improve the results. 


CFO/controller services take the production of your numbers beyond the basic bookkeeping.  Transactions are recorded on an accrual basis to give a truer picture of what is happening in the business.  By taking the recordkeeping to this level we are better able to help you understand those numbers and how they relate to the decisions you have made.  By understanding the results of your decisions you can make real time changes to produce better results.  Reporting is also taken to a new level, along with the Balance Sheet and Income Statement; we look at your cash flow and perform ratio analysis. 


Why have a CFO/Controller?

As your business grows important financial decisions are made every day.  It is difficult to measure and make informed decisions without up to date financial and operational information.  The CFO/Controller fills the role of providing information that will help you oversee your financial and operational data.  With this information you will be able to steer your business in the right direction.  Uses for the information provided by the CFO/Controller include:

  • Business growth plans
  • Budgets and forecasts
  • Operational reviews
  • Management reporting
  • Internal controls
  • Financial statements
  • Breakeven analysis
  • Cost/volume/profit relationships
  • Product costing
  • Cash management
  • Ratio analysis


Managerial Reporting

Managerial reporting is a more in depth approach to reviewing and analyzing your numbers.  Our management accounting experts provide the services that include:

  • Advise business owners about financial implications of projects or new opportunities
  • Explain and quantify the financial consequences of business decisions
  • Locate profit leaks
  • Develop strategies that tie to specific objectives and define performance measurements to help monitor progress
  • Highlight strengths and target weaknesses that are identifiable in the recorded results of the operations
  • Communication that is timely, understandable and meaningful
  • Educate business owners about the relationship between job costing, profit margins, cash flow, and management of the Balance Sheet


If your business is starting to control you rather than you controlling it, give us a call today and let us help you get it back under control.