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Buisness Accounting Services

Business Accounting Services


The team at Swiftcurrent recognizes that small business owners need help managing their business.  In regards to the financial records of the company we have boiled this down to three simple concepts; Produce, Understand, Act.  The business needs to produce timely and accurate numbers that measure results of decisions made, management needs to understand those numbers, and then management needs to act to improve the results. 


The first concept, produce, relates to the bookkeeping and accounting for the company.  Without timely and accurate accounting records the business doesn’t know how much money is in the bank, who owes the business money, how much money the business owes others, how much revenue it has generated, what the true costs are, what is the break-even, etc.  By using cloud technology we customize the level of service you need to produce timely and accurate financial numbers based on your in-house resources. 


Our customized services can range from a complete outsourcing of your bookkeeping needs to reviewing the books quarterly for any adjustments that need to be made.  The focus will be on making sure you as the business owner receives timely and accurate financial information to run your business more effectively.


Frequently needed services we provide are:

  • General ledger clean-up
  • Reconcile monthly bank and credit card statements
  • Monthly review and adjustments to the general ledger
  • Quarterly review adjustments to the general ledger


Your time is valuable and it is better spent on doing what you do best! Let us help you wear one less hat. More time usually means less stress, more income and you'll soon find that you're better off with Swiftcurrent. Contact us for a free consultation!